The Hazards of Chat GPT in the Recruitment process

The Hazards of Chat GPT in the Recruitment process

I heard a true story this morning from a candidate whilst I was giving her feedback after her interview with my client – it highlighted another fascinating aspect of using Generative AI in the recruitment process.

Once upon a time in a bustling, highly technical company, a candidate was sitting across from the Company Director interviewing for a Project Manager role. Everything seemed to be going fairly smoothly until a strange moment.

The candidate, having navigated some of the interview questions with poise, decided it was time to highlight a relevant skill and qualification. "I have a qualification in Agile Project Management methodology," she confidently stated, referring to a crucial skill listed in the Job Description.

The Director's response was unexpected, to say the least. "Oh, what's that?...oh, Chat GPT must have put that in..." The candidate's raised eyebrow reflected her surprise at the Director's apparent lack of awareness about Agile, a key principle in modern project management.

A pause lingered in the room, filled with both confusion and amusement as the candidate wondered how the Job Description had somehow bypassed the Director’s awareness.

The interview continued, and the candidate left with mixed feelings about the encounter. While she had managed to enlighten the Director about Agile methodology, she couldn't help but wonder about the intriguing circumstances surrounding a Job Description's inclusion of a term seemingly unknown to the Director of the company.

Are you sure you always know what is getting written in your Job Descriptions by your handy AI Assistant?

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