Tips for Job Seekers

Here are my 10 Top Tips whether you’re applying through a consultancy such as Working Solutions or directly to the company:

  1. Make a list of companies you’d like to work for. If you know someone who works there ask about their experience working at that company. Bring this information into your application.
  2. Do your research. Read their website - thoroughly!
  3. When you send your CV include some recommendations – ask your supervisor or manager to write one. HR Departments these days only give minimal information so ask before you leave a company.
  4. Ask a friend who is good at written work to look through your CV and correct everything that is misspelt or has bad grammar.
  5. Write a cover letter for each job you apply for, tailored to the job.
  6. After the interview write a Thank You email or better still a card!! If you don’t get this job they might think of you for the next job.
  7. Be prepared to be invited to a Zoom interview or at least a telephone interview so get some practice in with a friend.
  8. Brush up on your interviewing skills – they don’t usually ask trick questions any more but they may well ask Competency based questions and if you don’t know what that means do some research!
  9. Dress the part for the interview – again your research should help you here. Make sure you feel comfortable.
  10. Employers want energy and a positive attitude. Make sure you radiate it!