Permanent Vacancies

We handle vacancies at all levels and in all sectors of the business world. Our client base is across Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Powys and we also recruit in London.

Our expertise is derived from a wide range of business backgrounds and we constantly adapt our service to new and rapidly changing market sectors.

We interview all our candidates, taking references from previous employers and where appropriate testing their skills. We are licensed to use the Thomas International System of Psychometric Profiling: click here to visit their website for further information. We are also licenced to administer Thomas International's General Intelligence and Ability testing system. We have candidates from a wide variety of sectors including Executive and Managerial, Technical and Administrative. 

We work with you to arrange interviews and take careful note of the outcome of each candidate. 

Preferring to work with our clients as partners rather than just suppliers, we listen carefully to your staffing requirements and ensure we fully understand the skills required by the job. We email you with carefully selected CVs which we shortlist from our extensive database of candidates. We then work with you to arrange interviews and take careful note of the outcome of each candidate. 

We may have your ideal employee already on our database and have many sources of candidates from a wide area. We can advertise for your specific vacancy in the medium of your choice including newspapers and Internet. 

As a member of TEAM, a network of independent agencies UK-wide, we have access to a vast pool of candidates and work co-operatively with other TEAM members to achieve the best outcome for mutual clients and candidates. There are many specialist divisions of TEAM including Catering, IT, Executive etc.