10 Top Tips for Recruiting in 2023

10 Top Tips for Recruiting in 2023

10 TOP TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL RECRUITMENT IN 2023 - Read our tips for keeping it simple and effective.


  1. To attract the best candidates, whilst FLEXIBILITY is still top of the list so also is VALUES-BASED RECRUITMENT: when employees find their organisation's values are aligned with principles and values they believe in, this environment helps them to connect deeply. High performing businesses seek to recruit people whose values are in alignment with the organisation's core values and vision, and who also happen to be talented. 
  2. Be sure that you are ready to hire and move fast enough when you start recruiting: candidates go on and off the market very quickly
  3. Keep interview processes as short as reasonably possible for the above reason
  4. Have a job spec and stick to it, don’t change goal posts half way through
  5. Provide feedback for every CV submitted. Reputation is everything right now
  6. In the same vein be sure to appraise CV’s quickly rather than sitting on a pile of them before reviewing, the best candidates generally apply in the first wave of submissions. Remember the best candidate isn’t always the one with the best looking CV so interview a selection of candidates if that option is available to you
  7. Consider offering candidates the best salary for the job that you can: happy and well paid staff stay longer, recruitment is a drain on time and resources and best not done twice. Also you will get more and better advert responses if the salary is realistic.
  8. Display a realistic salary, adverts with no salary are a thing of the past and won’t attract the best talent. Candidates will remember if they find out the salary is 10% less than the market rate.
  9. Be honest with candidates about their genuine future prospects in the role.
  10. Like any specialist task, delegate responsibility of recruiting key staff / team members to an expert (Working Solutions!) and trust the process. Save yourself hassle and your valuable time!

Which is your favourite tip? Why? Drop me an email: to discuss any of the above.

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